The National Senior Women's Tennis Association is a non-profit organization

of tennis advocates who strive to raise the standards of age-level match play,

fitness and sportsmanship in both individual and team competition. We are a growing network of more than 1,000 competitive women members who actively interact with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), sponsor national tennis tournaments, and provide local support to tennis communities in the United States.


Our lives revolve around the sport of tennis as active players, coaches, USTA officials, sponsors, volunteers and mentors while traveling and forming valuable relationships in the process. Additionally, we serve on USTA and international ITF committees to improve the value of competitive tennis, nationally and around the world.



The genealogy of the NSWTA began in 1977 with three forward-looking women Nancy Reed, Betty Pratt and Charlene Grafton. Betty said that she had thought for a long time that "senior "women competitive players should be supported by their own organization an advocate group for what was then a growing constituency of women over 35 interested in playing National Championships. "This was a way to get women out of the kitchen," says Betty. Click here for more on history

Officers & Board Members 2015-2017

Kathy Langer

NSWTA President

Past Presidents

Nancy Reed, 1977-1979

Gladys Heldman, 1980-1982

Jane Crofford, 1983-1984

Carol Wood, 1985-1986

Susan Tully, 1987-1988

Dorothy Matthiessen, 1989-1990

Elaine Mason, 1991-1992

Irene Higbee, 1993-1994

Cammy Johnson/Janet McCutcheon, 1995-1996

Mary Lenore Blair, 1997-1998

Laurie Leach/Theo Shepherd, 1999-2000

Margaret Anderson, 2001-2002

Mary Wilson, 2003-2004

Carolyn Nichols, 2005-2006

Sue Bramlette, 2007-2009

Brenda Carter, 2009-2011

Sheila Weinstock, 2011-2013

Cindy Babb, 2013-2015



Katrina Adams

Bob Bramlette

Friedrich Brenckman

Marie Ester Bueno

Mary Carillo

Chet and Kathy Checket*

Louise Brough Clapp*

Chris Evert

Howard Frazer

Shirley Fry Irvin

Billie Jean King

Betty Pratt*

Pam Shriver

Ralph Wilson*


* Deceased

President: Kathy Langer

Treasurer: Sandy Cooper

Secretary: Pam Simons

Foundation Secretary/Treasurer: Pat Greer

Board of Directors:

Simona Bruetting, Rita Giles, Belmar Gunderson, Kathy Foulk, Brenda Carter, Teal Lang, Carol Wood, Gail Murayama, Cindy Babb

Membership Chairman: Sue Bramlette

Parliamentarian: Margaret Anderson

Legal Counsel: Margie Cooper

News Magazine: Pam Ellis Simons

Financial Assistant: Yodie Therrien

Board of Directors

Simona Bruetting

Brenda Carter

Kathy Foulk

Rita Giles

Belmar Gunderson

Teal Lang

Gail Murayama

Carol Wood

Cindy Babb