2017 National Tournament Schedule

Bold - National Category 1 Tournaments           *  Super Cat II

January 18-22 *  Les Grand Dames BallenIsles, Palm Beach Gardens, FL (30-80 Clay) Photos/Results

January 21-29 *  ASICS, Rancho Mirage, CA  (35-85 -W, M, Mixd 50, 60, 70) Results


February 1-5 *    Crawford Cup, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  (35-85 Clay)

February 15-19   JoAnne Russell Cup (40-80s)  Naples, FL


March 3-6       National 30s Hard Cts, Austin, TX (W, M, Mixd)

March 5-11     National Husband/Wife Grass, Rancho Mirage, CA

March 10-12   National Indoor F/D, M/S South Barrington, IL

March 19-April 1  ITF Young-Srs World Team & Indiv. Championships, Cape Town, South Africa

March 27-April 2  National Senior Women Clay Court Championships (35-90 odds) Houston, TX


April 17-23   National Clay Cts (60, 70, 80s) Baton Rouge, LA  Entry Info

April 26-30 *  NSWTA Championships/Anne Geier Cup  Entry Info


May 3-7        National Husband/Wife Clay Cts, Charlotte, NC Entry Info

May 4-7        National Hard Courts at Springs F/D (Sr-UltraSr), M/S, Palm Desert, CA  Entry Info

May 8-14      National Hard Cts (50, 60, 70, 80, 90) La Jolla, CA  Entry Info

May 18-22    National Indoor Cts (35, 45, 55) Cincinnati, OH Entry Info

May 24-29    Pacific Coast Senior & Family Championships (35-75), Berkeley, CA  Entry Info

May 25-29    National Indoor Cts (30s, W, M, Mixd) Lexington, KY TBD

May 25-29    Westwood Senior, Austin, TX (35-80) Entry Info


June 1-4 *    Senior Slams (MW 50-85), Yale, New Haven, CT (50-75)  Entry Info

June 2-4      National Indoor M/D, Vancouver, WEntry Info

June 7-11    Marin Seniors, Mill Valley, CA  (M, W, Mxd 35-70)) TBD

June 9-11    National Husband/Wife Hard Cts, Kansas City, MO  Entry Info

June 19-25  National Indoor Cts (65, 75, 85) Overland Park, KS  Entry Info


July 10-16   National Grass Cts (30-80) Forest Hills, NY  Entry Info

July 16-23   National Grass Cts, (35-85) Philadelphia, PA  Entry Info


August 1-6   Washington State Open and Seniors (35-75, 80) TBD

August 2-4  National Grass Cts M/D, Chestnut Hill, MA  Entry Info

August 6-8  National Grass Cts F/D, Chestnut Hill, MA  Entry Info

August 8-13 *  El Paso Open/Sr, El Paso, TX  Entry Info

August 21-26  National Indoors 60s, Seattle, WA  (MW sgls, dbls, mxd)  Entry Info

August 24-27  National Indoors (40/50s) Lakewood, CO  Entry Info


Sept 25-29  National Husband/Wife Indoors, Charlottesville, VA  Entry Info

Sept 27- Oct 3  National Indoors (70, 80, 90) Vancouver, WA Entry Info


October 8-13 ITF Super Seniors World Team Championships, Orlando, FL Guidelines

               (Hard courts: 65s and 70s, Clay: 75s and 80s)

October 2-8   National Hard Cts 35-85, La Quinta, CA  Entry Info

October 4-6  National Mixed Dbls Clay Courts (40, 50, 60, 70s) Johns Is, SC Entry Info

October 18-22  National Clay Courts (40, 50s) Palm Beach Gardens, FL Entry Info

October 29 - Nov 3  ITF Seniors World Team Championships (50,55,60), Miami, FL Guidelines

                      (Application deadline: May 1)

Oct 30 - Nov 3*  Las Vegas Senior Open Cat II (MW50-85), Cat I (Mx 75 & 80) Las Vegas, NV Entry Info


TBD         Barbara Cooper Cup, Winter Park, FL  (35-85)

November 12-19   National Women's Intersectionals Team, Boca Raton, FL - clay Entry Info

Nov 27 - Dec 3  National 40s Hard Courts, La Jolla, CA  (sgls, dbls, mxd)  Entry Info

Nov 29-Dec 3* Fiesta Bowl Senior (MW, Mxd 35-85) Scottsdale, AZ  Entry Info

December 1-5  National 30s Clay Courts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (sgls, dbls, mxd)  Entry Info


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Bolded tournaments - Category 1

* Tournaments are Super Category II