2017 National Tournament Schedule



March 3-6

March 5-11

March 10-12

March 19-April 1

March 27-April 2

April 17-23

May 3-7

May 4-7

May 8-14

May 18-22

May 25-29

May 25-29

June 2-4

June 9-11

June 19-25

July 10-16

July 16-23

August 2-4

August 6-8

August 21-26

August 24-27

Sept 25-29

Sept 27- Oct 3

October 8-13


October 2-8

October 8-13

October 4-6

October 14-21

October 18-22

Oct 29 - Nov 3

November 4-11

Nov 27 - Dec 3

December 1-5



National 30s Hard Cts, Austin, TX (W, M, Mixd)

National Husband/Wife Grass, Rancho Mirage, CA

National Indoor F/D, M/S South Barrington, IL

ITF Young-Srs World Team & Indiv. Championships, Cape Town, South Africa

National Senior Women Clay Court Championships Photos/Results

National Clay Cts (60, 70, 80s) Baton Rouge, LA  Photos/Results

National Husband/Wife Clay Cts, Charlotte, NC

National Hard Courts at Springs F/D (Sr-UltraSr), M/S, Palm Desert, CA

National Hard Cts (50, 60, 70, 80, 90) La Jolla, CA  Photos/Results

National Indoor Cts (35, 45, 55) Cincinnati, OH

Westwood Senior Championships (SR, SS), Austin, TX

National Indoor Cts (30s, W, M, Mixd) Lexington, KY

National Indoor M/D, Vancouver, WA

National Husband/Wife Hard Cts, Kansas City, MO  Entry Info

National Indoor Cts (65, 75, 85) Overland Park, KS  Entry Info

National Grass Cts (30-80) Forest Hills, NY  Entry Info

National Grass Cts, (35-85) Philadelphia, PA  Entry Info

National Grass Cts M/D, Chestnut Hill, MA  Entry Info

National Grass Cts F/D, Chestnut Hill, MA  Entry Info

National Indoors 60s, Seattle, WA  (MW sgls, dbls, mxd)  Entry Info

National Indoors (40/50s) Lakewood, CO  Entry Info

National Husband/Wife Indoors, Charlottesville, VA  Entry Info

National Indoors (70, 80, 90) Vancouver, WA  Entry Info

ITF Super Seniors World Team Championships, Orlando, FL Guidelines

(Hard courts: 65s and 70s, Clay: 75s and 80s)

National Hard Cts 35-85, La Quinta, CA  Entry Info

ITF Super Seniors World Team Championships, Lake Nona, FL Entry Info

National Mixed Dbls Clay Courts (40, 50, 60, 70s) Johns Is, SC Entry Info

World Individuals Super Senior, Lake Nona, Florida Entry Info

National Clay Courts (40, 50s) Palm Beach Gardens, FL  Entry Info

ITF Seniors World Team Championships (50,55,60), Miami, FL Guidelines

ITF Seniors World Individual Championships (50,55,60), Miami, FL Entry Info

National 40s Hard Courts, La Jolla, CA  (sgls, dbls, mxd)  Entry Info

National 30s Clay Courts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (sgls, dbls, mxd)  Entry Info



January 18-22 *

January 21-29 *

February 1-5 *

April 26-30 *

June 1-4 *

August 8-13 *

Oct 30 - Nov 3*

Nov 29 - Dec 3*



Les Grand Dames BallenIsles, Palm Beach Gardens, FL (30-80 Clay) Photos/Results

ASICS, Rancho Mirage, CA  (35-85 -W, M, Mixed 50, 60, 70) Results

Crawford Cup, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  (35-85 Clay)

NSWTA Championships/Anne Geier Cup Photos/Results

Senior Slams (MW 50-85), Yale, New Haven, CT (50-75)  Entry Info

El Paso Open/Sr, El Paso, TX  Entry Info

Las Vegas Senior Open (MW50-85), Cat I (Mx 75,80) Las Vegas, NV Entry Info

Fiesta Bowl Senior (MW, Mxd 35-85) Scottsdale, AZ  Entry Info

February 15-19    JoAnne Russell Cup (40-80s)  Naples, FL

May 24-29            Pacific Coast Senior & Family Championships (35-75), Berkeley, CA  Entry Info

May 25-29            Westwood Senior, Austin, TX (35-80) Entry Info

June 7-11             Marin Seniors, Mill Valley, CA  (M, W, Mxd 35-70)) TBD

August 1-6            Washington State Open and Seniors (35-75, 80) TBD

TBD                      Barbara Cooper Cup, Winter Park, FL  (35-85)

November 12-19  National Women's Intersectionals Team, Boca Raton, FL - clay Entry Info