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NSWTA in Racquet Magazine

Rita Price, Brenda Carter, Liane Bryson, Alison Bolduc, Lola O'Sullivan and others are the stars of a 16-page spread about senior women’s tennis in the most recent Racquet Magazine publication. Brenda gives a good overview of the purpose of NSWTA, Lola illustrates our competitiveness, and Lurline Fujii gets a shout out in her efforts to continue to play despite her Parkinson’s. Susan Wright is honored with several paragraphs describing her dropping the game, her return, and her stamina routine. 91-year-old Rita is our cheerleader and continuing to play, play, play despite heat, falls and other mishaps. Want to purchase this memorable issue? Click here Racquet Magazine


2017 Margaret Russo Sportswoman Award

Kathy Barnes received the NSWTA’s prestigious Margaret Russo Sportswoman Award, given annually to a NSWTA member for her outstanding sportsmanship both on and off  the court. Kathy is from San Jose, California and competes nationally in Category 1 tournaments and has represented the United States on Cup teams. She is always with a smile, a helping hand and is respected for her team spirit and good sportsmanship. This award, which is awarded annually for almost two decades, is in memory of Margaret M. Russo, an NSWTA member from Mid-Atlantic.

Message from the President

Dear Members,


As the year comes to a close, let’s take the time to reflect on the lives of all of those we have met in passing or played against. Whether we win or lose, our friends are more than likely the ones on the other side of that net. Take that extra moment and let’s be thankful they came to play. Let’s be appreciative they cared enough about the sport to come and support the game. Let’s be grateful that our health is good as we are aging and our competitors are aging with us. We couldn’t do what we do without those other ladies, our friends, our competitors. Let’s be supportive and compassionate about all who play this sport called “tennis.”


We have two NSWTA members who will be turning 100 next year: Marian Lowe and Vivian Schulte, who loved this game called tennis. Two other members Cecily Grange and Mary Hill will be whirling to 99. Of those whose ages we know, about one third of NSWTA is older than 77. Watch those that still play into their 80s and then win their First Ball like Caroline Haynes, reported on in this issue. Even better, watch those in their 90s like Rita Price, Joyce Vanderpol, and Betty Cookson who fought for and then played in the  rst 90s Grass Courts, written up by Rita later in the magazine. That is many of us in the future. I see their excitement, their wonderment and the fact that these strong women are still trying to learn, never giving up and wanting to win. I want to be like that.


I recall myself playing in the 30 Grass Courts. I was still young enough to think I could kick anyone’s bum. Well, I lost a match and while sitting in the locker room, wondering what went wrong, a much older lady walked in, dejected over her loss. She was playing the 70 Grass Courts. She threw her racquet down and said, “Damn it! I will never beat her! I have played to her all of my life!” And she continued to say, “I will die before I ever beat her.” I’m thinking, hey, this is pretty harsh but I’m right there too, I had just lost. But I vowed: I’m not about to lose to the same person I just lost to the rest of my life. No way. I’ll figure out some way to win. Well, here I am 30+ years later and there are still those that I haven’t beaten after numerous tries. Darn! But, I love this sport and I will support this game till I say the same thing that Corky Murdock said those many years ago about her arch nemesis Dodo Cheney. My competitors are my friends for life and I’m grateful I have been given this opportunity to meet and play against such wonderful ladies. I want to play against you all my life.


The NSWTA is a place where we can grow and share as we age. We encourage players of all ages to join our organization and share in our memories and to help continue our history. We need you all to help us find them. The NSWTA’s ‘youth’ (born in the 1960s, 70s and 80s) total only 90 members. Can we especially encourage the young to look to the future of their tennis, share their memories, and help nurture the future of women’s competitive tennis while growing relationships that will last a lifetime? I was sold on that when Corky said she had been playing Dodo all her life. What is your story?



Kathy Foulk

NSWTA President


NSWTA Magazine Correction

The NSWTA Magazine announcement of ITF Young Senior and Senior dates and locations is incorrect. New dates and locations will be coming soon from the ITF.

Super Senior information listed in our magazine (Umag, Croatia, September 16-21) remains valid.


Congratulations & Awards

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Men's Senior Tennis Website

The men's senior men's tennis association NSMTA has developed a website and can be viewed at However in February, it will only be available to its members. In the President's Message, the NSWTA is mentioned.

"Our fledgling organization has roots which go back much further than ours as we have been inspired by what the senior women have been able to achieve since the founding of their organization (the NSWTA) back in 1977. They have been urging us to get off our male butts and get organized, so that between the two organizations, we can better represent the voices of senior competitive tennis in the US."


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